April 17, 2020

Contact tracing is one of the main issues facing the science and health sectors in New Zealand while trying to eliminate the scourge COVID-19.

There have been a number of suggestions as to the best way to go about contact tracing, in the event someone gets the virus. One suggestion is an app on smart-phones which talk to other phones in their vicinity. Singapore has been experimenting with this. There are several drawbacks to this such as, not everyone has a smart-phone; the phone has to have the app installed; there have apparently been some issues with i-phones and a high percentage of people have to have such a phone with them for it to be effective. Some people also feel there are privacy issues using samrt-phones

A very good possibility, in my humble opinion, is what is being called a CovidCard, Every person in NZ would be issued with one of these credit card sized cards which would be bluetooth enabled and each would have a unique number. Each card would record the numbers of those...

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