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This chip seems a little fishy

I have believed for some time that one day everyone will have a chip implanted in them which will eventually be able to do just about everything we want it to do. For example, mobile phones and watches will be surplus to requirements. The forerunner is here!

It has been reported that Wellington man Ryan Wolstenholme has joined the "biohacker" or "grinder" craze that's picking up steam worldwide, merging man (or woman) and machine.

The Xero software developer implanted an RFID (radio frequency ID) chip into the webbing of his left hand.

He uses it to store his smartphone's address book. Hover your phone over his hand, and it offers to add him as a contact.

But the chip also supports the NFC (near-field communication) standard used for Paywave, so he hopes to one day use it for contactless payments too, or instead of a HOP card for tapping on to public transport.

The way of the future!

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