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Utility sites are FREE on-line applications that perform useful tasks .

Image by Marija Zaric


Anything PDF, image, JPG, picture of words and images - can be turned into a WORD file.

Lets you copy and paste into your document special characters

Predicts what you are trying to draw and makes it look accurate

Automatically detects a person or object in a photo and selects it, then removes the background

Detects the font in an image 

1001 free fonts - searchable

Free QR Code generator

Finds rhyming words

Converts the dpi of an image or images

Online JPG Tools website offers a neat collection of tiny browser-based programs for editing JPG (and JPEG) photos.

A collection of useful text processing utilities. All text tools are simple, free and easy to use.

Lots of useful calculators

Hundreds of different paper templates for free download and print

Free online flowchart maker

Finds icons

Shows where every ship is in the world

Finds places using latitude and longitudes

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts list

An awesome set of 40 GED utilities

Shows where every airplane is

Online voice recognition

High speed text reader

Free manuals for just about anything

Searchable rules of thumb

Awesome animations of how things work

Interactive periodic table

Instructions on how to do almost anything

Value of NZ Homes

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

Finds icons

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