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Tutorials and Discussion Groups

Genealogy For Beginners

Tutor: Campbell Stanford


 A series of tutorials to introduce attendees to the basic computer based tools, research and recording skills, needed to track your ancestors.


iPad & iPhone

Tutors: Ian Handricks


Learn skills and share experiences of the iPad in a friendly atmosphere and be part of a group that offers instructions and practical applications. You will learn tips and tricks along with links sent to you by Bill as answers are found to your questions. 

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Ask Me How

Tutor: Toby Malcolm


A wide variety of computer-related subjects each month with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues.

Ian's Tips and Tricks

Tutors: Ian Handricks


A tutorial and discussion forum where you can ask questions and get answers and also learn tips and tricks for a wide range of computer/ipad/iphone/laptop situations. Ian will endeavour to provide solutions for your questions and will introduce you to a bevy of useful tips, shortcuts, hidden features, useful tools, actions and ways to achieve results on your computer and technology devices. Each session, Ian will provide you with a hot list of new ideas, tips and tricks to explore and use.

Digi Photos

Tutor: Rex Oddy


This is a non-competitive and casual get-together to look at and be inspired by each other’s photos. We show our successes and failures and, in the process, learn some new tricks so we can capture better images. Simple photo enhancement is demonstrated using Photoshop Elements 9. A friendly and supportive group.

FamilyTree Maker

Tutor: Bernice Hyde


Family Tree Maker is a programme specially designed to work in with It is also the genealogy computer programme used by nearly all SeniorNet members who are researching their family history. Although much of our sessions are in the form of mini tutorials there are many open discussion times. Beginners through to experienced members of the group attend and contribute to these sessions.

Computing for Beginners

Tutor: Allan White


This session is for anyone needing help with a new computer or program. If you have a laptop that you are having trouble with, (PC or Mac) bring it along and Allan will help you sort it out. The session is mainly for small problems with your computer. If you want one on one help, please let Allan know and he can arrange some time to meet you at the club and help you.


Tutors: Bernice Hyde


Learn skills and share experiences of creating Photobooks in a friendly atmosphere and be part of a group that offers instructions and practical applications. You will learn tips and tricks along with links sent to you by Bernice as answers are found to your questions. This is a very popular session.

Genealogy Workshop

Tutor: Lois Kay


Lois both teaches and co-ordinates the abundant talent and experience in the club to present well-constructed and informative sessions. Guest speakers are a frequent feature of this very popular session and if you are looking to build on your genealogy research – then this is the session for you.


Tutor: Ian Handricks


Everything and anything to do with music and computers.

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Cameras for Beginners

Tutors: Rex Oddy

A new group for people who want to better understand how their cameras work so that they can take better or different types of photos.  Sessions will cover shutter speeds, f stops, ISO and white balance, Auto and Manual Focus Modes, Shutter Release Mode, Image Size, Flash Modes, JPEG / RAW, HDR, Picture Controls (standard, vivid, black and white, etc.), Viewfinder Adjustments, Flash and Exposure Compensation, Digital Editing, Memory Cards, Lenses, Flash, etc.  Please bring your camera and camera manual.

Advanced Windows 

Tutor: Bill Howell


This session happens 1st & 3rd Tuesday mornings each month. You ask the questions, and Bill will endeavour to provide the answers, plus supplying occasional program ‘goodies’. Come along, join the fun!

Computing Skills

Tutor: Glen Plaistowe


Tutorials open to all level of skills. Individualised learning support to help each attendee increase their skills in word processing to create a range of documents, working with photos, e-mails and file management. Recommended to bring your own laptop so what you learn in class is what you will do at home.

Recording Our Stories

Tutor: Glen Plaistowe


Discussion groups of shared trips down memory lane as we recall the unique experiences of our lives and learn how to record them for our descendants. A way to honour the people no longer with us by recording their stories. Our stories also document the phenomenal technical and social changes that have happened during our lives and create a living history.


Tutor: Glen Plaistowe


Covers a wide aspect of travel and how to be safe with on-line services and personal safety when travelling. Includes overseas and New Zealand-wide experiences. A chance to share your photographs and travel stories.

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Genealogy 1st Friday

Tutor: Barbara Anderson

First Friday of each month - genealogy topics and a chance to discuss your family research issues. and the opportunity to share family heirlooms.

Ask A Tutor

Tutor: Barbara Anderson & Glen Plaistowe

One-on-one tutoring for your particular computer-related problems.  great opportunity to get direct help to solve any of your problems.

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