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While we are in shutdown due to the COVID-19 we thought it would be a good idea to have a place on our website where we could, on a regular basis,  keep you informed, provide fun things to do, excite your mind, provide links to interesting places, inject some humour,  share some ideas and generally brighten up your day. So, on a regular basis while we are all sitting at home, our webmaster, Ian Handricks, will update this page for you and he would welcome your input, ideas and anything else you might like to share on the page and he will do his best to include your ideas in the next post. Ian can be contacted on Click on buttons below to go to a specific day or scroll down for a journey through the days

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Day 47
day 47
Building the Art Collection
Take a look at this, Muriel!

Creative Artitecture

These are a collection of images of building artworks. Click on any photo to see larger.

Hook, line and sink her!
Dance Booming Silk Road

Cell Phone Funnies

They're everywhere!

unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (7).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg
Day 48
day 48
Fast Food, Fast Changes
Surprise, Surprise!
10 Biggest Fast Food FAILURES Of All Time!!!
Fast Food Ordering
Crazy driver - How did he get back again?
Tuba Skinny - Mama, let me lay it on you


A fresh look at COVID-19 and social distancing ...

The Beatles remake Abbey Road 2020

Where can we eat?

Here is a list of fast food chains in USA ... and we wonder why Americans can be unhealthy and overweight!

(I've hyperlinked each one so you can learn more - just click on name of outlet)

Commemorative jewelry to always remember 2020
Day 49
Day 49
Life in the fast lane
Cars and Camels
Blue Parking Tickets!
Crash Hot Driving
Parking Peculiarities
Changing Lanes
More Parking Peculiarities
Stupid Drivers
Rally Around

Amazing, fun and interesting facts about Dubai

There’s so much you can say about Dubai. It’s a haven for expats,

a world-class holiday destination, and a playground of the

rich and famous. It’s new, exciting and vibrant – but also quite mysterious.

  • As of 2018, the population of Dubai had just surpassed 3 million. And only around 15% of this population are Emirati!

  • Dubai is one of the 7 “Emirates” that come together to make the United Arab Emirates. It’s closest neighbour is Abu Dhabi, which is the capital Emirate and another popular tourist destination. Each Emirate (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc) has its own king, otherwise known as a Sheikh.

  • Arabic is the official language of Dubai, with English being spoken by many as well.

  • Dubai’s main airport is Dubai International Airport, which is the main hub airport of major airline Emirates.

  • Dubai’s food is delicious, and shawarma is the most popular local dish. It is much like a kebab or souvlaki, with meat, vegetables and dressings wrapped in pita bread.

  • Dubai is fast becoming one of the world’s most progressive cities. Its population is growing rapidly, as is its infrastructure. It’s now one of the most popular destinations in the world for a holiday.

  • The national animal of the entire United Arab Emirates is the Arabian oryx. It’s kind of like a mid-sized antelope.

  • Dubai was founded in 1833, but back then it was just a small fishing settlement. But it was only the 1980’s and 1990’s that saw it revolutionise itself as a world class tourist destination. In 30 years Dubai has gone from a sparse desert city with very little infrastructure to a multicultural and cosmopolitan destination people are flocking to.

  • On average, 14 million tourists a year visit Dubai.

  • More than half of the population of Dubai is aged between 25-34, so it’s a youthful city that is geared very much towards those in this age bracket. Only 15% of Dubai’s populatio