If You Are Disabled, Could This Help You?!

Exosuits As robot workers are looking less likely and too expensive for companies, a technology that allows employers to power up their human staff more efficiently is emerging. Called exosuits, the mechanical vests can be worn to give any individual increased strength and endurance, allowing them to carry out strenuous tasks in factories and construction sites with ease. Exosuits could also have a medical application, helping the many millions living with disabilities. Those with impaired movement being given greater walking ability with mechanical trousers. Whilst exosuits have already been adopted widely in Asia, the technology slowly crept into North America and Europe in 2018. I wonder

How Cool Is This?

The heat too much for you? What if you had your own personal thermostat? In September 2017, Embr Labs introduced to the public a product that could do just that. The Wave, which looks like an Apple Watch worn on the inside of the wrist, promised to regulate the wearer's temperature. A button turns it hotter or colder, and when it heats up or cools your inner wrist, you feel as if you turned on a personal thermostat only for you. Using a UC Berkeley team's research as a starting point, three engineers built a prototype Wave that summer. They tested it on friends, family, and strangers, who came back with unanimous feedback: The gadget made them feel noticeably warmer or cooler. The Wave doesn

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