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Jabbering on!

At the time of writing we have here in Auckland been in lockdown for nearly 70 consecutive days. And of course we have been in a number of previous lockdowns. Our liberties have been curtailed to one degree or another, some perhaps more than others.

I have been thinking about how it is affecting me and probably you similarly. For example, I have not been able to get together with family, although under the current modification under Level 3 I have been able to meet with some of them outdoors, weather permitting. As I sit here writing, instead I should be on the way to Paihia for a week up there with my daughter and son-in-law. A month ago I was supposed to be visiting a grandson in Feilding with his parents. I have not been able to socialize in the village centre with other village residents, although bowls is now permitted. We have not been able to hold a Probus meeting for months and similarly of course there have been no SeniorNet meetings. However, Lois did invite us to write a short story about an ancestor. I wonder when we will be able to hear them. Operatunity concerts have been cancelled and of course no cinema. Lunchtime visits to the Bays Club are on hold as are visits to restaurants or bars. I cannot moan about not being able to go to rugby matches as I would probably not have gone in any case. This year I joined Community Patrols, but it is some time since we have been allowed to patrol. And so life staggers on.

There are a few things I ought to be doing since there is little else to do, such as tidying the garage and office, but it is hard to find the enthusiasm to do it. A few weeks ago I went to hospital by ambulance in the middle of the night. I told everyone I was bored and felt like going for a ride to see some pretty ladies, so I called the ambulance. I hope I was joking! So if I cannot find the get up and go to do the chores, what should I do? I know, I’ll write some nonsense for the blog!

What this is really about is to plead with any of you who have not yet done so, to have the COVID-19 vaccination to help us to return to some sort of normal life, albeit it will be a new type of normal. Unless you are one of the very few who cannot have the jab on medical grounds, then there is no valid excuse not to be vaccinated. It is my belief, that those of us who refuse to get vaccinated, are selfish. They are thinking only of themselves, rather than that vaccination is not just a protection against COVID for themselves, even though they don’t want it, but it may help to save the lives or health of their family, their friends and the community at large. The evidence that the vaccine is effective is overwhelming. If you think I am being harsh, then I am sorry, but that is how I feel. Maybe it is me who is being selfish, because I want you to get inoculated so that I can get out and about and go on holiday, whereas you may be quite content to stay at home.

Please do get the jab. I would like to play with my great-grandchildren again while I still can!


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