Will this stop you being driven round the bend?

You put your cellphone in your back pocket but can’t sit down comfortably. You struggle to fit your tablet into your handbag (assuming there is space inside anyway). Wouldn’t it be great if you could fold it? Your prayers are about to be answered! It seems that the future of mobile is in fact foldable. A US-based firm called Royole is delivering on that age-old problem of not being able to fold up your devices. Flexpai will be the world’s first commercial smartphone/tablet (phablet) that still manages to hold on to industry-leading mobile chip technology like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-series SoC. In other words, you can bend it, fold it, any way you want it. But don’t expect it to run Androi

North Africa calling, but don’t get the hump over these calls!

Yesterday my wife received a call on our cellphone from +21694042821. It also came up on screen that the call was from Tunisia. (The first three numbers – 216 - also indicate it was from Tunisia.) We don’t know anyone in Tunisia and my wife wisely did not answer the call and shut it off. I then blocked that number and reported it to our provider (2°). I was thanked and asked to report any more similar calls. They checked that I had blocked that number. Today my wife received a call from +2128336559. Unfortunately the last three digits are similar to her brother’s phone number. As her brother is very ill in hospital she thought it was him calling and without thinking she answered the call. A

How to find missing kids (or disorientated elderly!)

Spark is releasing an alternative: "Spacetalk", a kids all-in-one smartphone, watch and GPS that will sell for $399 from November 14, with a 24-month interest-free payment option. To locate your tykes (substitute “elderly”) and track where they've been via an app called All My Tribe, you'll have to pay $6.99 a month (for two watches) or $9.99 a month (for up to five watches) via Apple or Google's app store. Data and calls are an additional $7.99 a month per watch via Spark's SmartPlan. The Spacetrack has limited features. It offers no open internet access and doesn't support any social media apps. But Spark talks that up as a virtue, and many parents (caregivers etc) of young kids (elderly)

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