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How to find missing kids (or disorientated elderly!)

Spark is releasing an alternative: "Spacetalk", a kids all-in-one smartphone, watch and GPS that will sell for $399 from November 14, with a 24-month interest-free payment option.

To locate your tykes (substitute “elderly”) and track where they've been via an app called All My Tribe, you'll have to pay $6.99 a month (for two watches) or $9.99 a month (for up to five watches) via Apple or Google's app store. Data and calls are an additional $7.99 a month per watch via Spark's SmartPlan.

The Spacetrack has limited features. It offers no open internet access and doesn't support any social media apps. But Spark talks that up as a virtue, and many parents (caregivers etc) of young kids (elderly) will agree.

And it does feature an SOS button, plus smarts such as the ability to alert you if your child (parent or other elderly person) strays beyond a pre-defined geographical area.

A child's (elderly person’s) calling contacts are stored on a parent's (caregiver’s) phone, and you can restrict which contacts a child (elderly person) can call from their Spacetalk.

(This article was intended for parents but I thought it might be of use for other people, particularly anyone responsible for elderly who had mild dementia or were in the early stages of Alzheimers, or persons with a disability. Of course, this is provided that the person can be persuaded to wear the watch and remembers to put it on!)

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