There will be no need for plastic or cash when you go shopping!

The unemployment rate in the United States has been gradually falling and as at last October was 3.6%. The rate in New Zealand is not too dissimilar at 4.6%. I cannot but wonder how this is so and will it continue with evermore sophisticated technology replacing employees? Correspondent Aimee Shaw, as reported in the NZ Herald, says that walking into a shop and walking out with an item without needing to stop to check out will be the norm in shops all around the world within the next 10 years, quoting the founder of one of the United States' leading tech start-ups. Standard Cognition, which uses artificial technology and machine vision technology to enable autonomous shopping, allows custome

WhatsUp with WhatsApp?

Messaging app WhatsApp has stopped working on a range of dated smartphones today, the company has confirmed. Facebook said users of Microsoft operating systems had not been able to create new Whatsapp accounts since earlier this year, after Microsoft announced it intends to kill off its phone software. Do you use WhatsApp? Have you found it will not work? Maybe it’s because you are using Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Since December 31, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, will no longer work on Microsoft's Windows Phone and all smartphones running on Windows Mobile software as the company no longer develops for Windows mobile platforms. You will need to switch to Android or iPhone. Also, as apparently

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