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Quantum Computing - Be Ready - It's Coming Soon!

MYOB Futurist in residence Keran McKenzie says the world is at a convergence when it comes to technology, and anything is possible - but it's not without its risks.McKenzie's role as a futurist is to try and predict what technology will be coming and when, as well as how it will affect businesses.

"Quantum computing will be massive. When you suddenly have computer power in objects that is greater than all of the computing power we have right now in the entire world - where a decent password right now could take up to 100-odd years for current computers to crack, it will take milliseconds for a quantum computer to crack," he says.

"Everyone has been saying it won't be a reality for another 10 to 15 years but Google have come out and said it will be a commercial reality in less than five years."

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