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Is Your Cellphone Killing You?

The short answer is, "No".

Dr Michelle Dickinson who is a well respected science and engineering researcher is quoted on the NZ Herald website as saying:-

"With every new mobile phone release comes renewed concern around the effect of this technology on our health, and fears surrounding mobile phone use and the possible effect of radiation on the human body are ongoing. This isn't helped by the World Health Organisation declaring that mobile devices are a "Class 2B carcinogen", which really sounds scary. To put things in perspective, however, other items in the 2B category include coffee, pickles and being a carpenter.

"The WHO says that about 25,000 scientific articles have been published on non-ionising radiation over the past 30 years making scientific knowledge of the technology more extensive than for most of the household chemicals we use day-to-day. Current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields from mobile phones.

"The great news is that although the power levels involved in mobile and wireless telecommunications are already incredibly low, as the frequency goes up the depth of penetration into biological tissues goes down. This means that 5G is even less likely to penetrate the body than the current technology that we use, so no need to invest in a new tinfoil hat."

But beware of blue light form your electronic appliances in the evening as it could affect your body clock and sleep patterns.

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