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Why is Covid-19 so named?

Corona virus is certainly making the news, but has anyone, like me, been wondering where the name Covid -19 comes from? I must be getting slow, as, as a person who likes cryptic crosswords I should have worked it out.

Here is the official explanation. "On February 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially named this novel coronavirus, COVID-19. COVID is short for coronavirus disease. The number 19 refers to the fact that the disease was first detected in 2019, though the outbreak occurred in 2020." In other words:-

co for corona

vi for virus

d for disease

19 for the year 2019

And I thought it was some wonderful scientific name!

Covid-19 is just one of a number of corona viruses. Others include the common cold, flu. SARS etc.. But, 'Why "corona" ?' you might ask. Well corona means crown and the viruses apparently have what look like crowns on them.

We live and learn.

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