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A Cheaper EV For You?

Are you put off from buying an electric car because of the cost and because of the time needed to charge the batteries, not to mention the range of the batteries before needing to be recharged?

Well there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it might be too far away for many of us. Nissan is developing solid state batteries and is hoping to have EVs powered by them in circulation by 2028. It also hopes to eventually have the cost down for EVs to that comparable with internal combustion engines (ICEs). It is expected that the energy density of the batteries will be twice that of lithium-ion ones with superior charge/discharge performance, meaning shorter charging times. With lower material costs comes cheaper vehicles. It also means a lesser need for lithium. The largest supplier of lithium is South America and there has been some controversy over its mining there, What effect this might have on the mining and the economies of Argentina and Chile (not to mention Australia which also supplies lithium) remains to be seen.


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