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i-phone or Android?

If you ask someone with an i-phone why iOS rather than Android, they will tell you that it is by far the best. Ask an Android phone user why Android and they will probably say, “Much easier to use.” So there you have it. It’s a bit like an avid Labour supporter always voting Labour no matter what that party in government does and similarly, a dyed-in-the wool National supporter always votes National even if logic might suggest otherwise.

But how do New Zealand mobile device users compare with the rest of the world? The following figures are as quoted in GlobalStats Statscounter. The percentages quoted refer to iOS devices, mainly cell-phones, the balance is mainly Android.

New Zealand 45.84 %

Global total 29.51 %

United States 59.89 %

Europe 35.33 %

UK 53.63 %

Asia 17.76 %

Australia 43 %

Those stats do not of course say which is best. I have had at different times both i-phone and Android. I found that i-phone did some things that Android could not and vice versa. My current phone is Android, but who knows what the next one might be?

As a matter of passing interest, I do not know about Apple, but Samsung are recycling old fishing nets and plastic bottles to make components for their cell-phones. I suppose every little bit helps.


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